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Hedgeriding versus crossing the hedge

Pondering today on how many Crafters don’t distinguish between these two things: hedgeriding/hedgesitting (as the original Germanic terms have it) and crossing the hedge.  One is actively occupying and working in liminal space, space between the worlds; the other is crossing the borders into otherspace, actively moving into other worlds and returning – yet they get used synonymously.

There’s a place on my family land where one of the ancient hedgerows runs – sadly neglected the past few years, as the fields it divides have been let go into one for the cows to wander between, but this means that you can get into it and climb astride a branch of ash or hawthorn bent so long ago as a sucker that now it’s broad enough around to straddle like a horse.

There you can feel the linear surge of energy that runs along the hedge, and experience it as a very different thing from a barrier to be traversed at right angles.  Like the animals who travel along the hedgerows (hedges function as wildlife corridors between fields, or between fields and roads, etc), you can feel your spirit move along the hedge, along the boundaryline, the hidden path that can’t be walked in flesh.  Spirits travel there too, betwixt and between, along these old secret roads that have been protected from human feet in some cases for hundreds of years (and who knows how long the Way ran there before?).

And as I realised some years ago, I have reasons for using imagery of riding and sitting rather than walking, and that comes to mind as well.

Does anyone out there work the magic of the hedgerow itself, rather than or as well as crossing and returning?

Autumn treasure

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