Out of the wilderness

I think maybe I’m ready to start working with other people again.

I realised it’s been about eight years now since I regularly practised the Craft – or any magic or religion – with other people. I worked with my boyfriend sometimes when I was in Montreal, and did some work with a heathen kindred there sometimes, and occasionally with some other people, but it wasn’t a regular thing. Since getting back to the UK, I’ve made an intermittent effort to find a group to work with, but it hasn’t really paid off.

For most of that time, I haven’t missed it at all. Around ‘07 long-term rumblings in the community I’d been part of for nearly ten years, working intensely and teaching, blew up in the most godawful damaging destructive “bitchcraft”/witch war way, and it was *hellish*. It was around this time that I broke up with my former partner (though we continued living together for a while, which was…not successful >.<) who’d also been my very close magical partner for that time. At the same time again, one of the traditions I was working in underwent a massive dramatic unpleasant international schism. So…I had a lot of wounds to lick, basically.

Though I’m a grumpy misanthrope a lot of the time, I’m not naturally a solitary person. And since we moved here, we’ve been isolated on a lot of fronts (hello, conservative semi-rural area – someone PLEASE send me other non-straight ppl stat >.<).

So…I’m going to start looking again for people to work with. It’s not the easiest, in my situation, because I am *way* too tired of bullshit to deal with the “you can only work with us if you’re straight and/or cis [or willing to pretend you are]” bullshit. I’m going to get back in touch with the group in London who…I’m not really on the same page as, but they may open other doors, and you Never Know. There’s a trad group down in Arundel (about an hour and a half/two hours’ drive away) who I may want to check out.

Other than that – if any UK witches etc have recommendations for how to network, or good people/groups, please throw them at me? All my knowledge of that kind of thing is pretty much 10 years out of date. (I might write up a post for ppl to signalboost, idk). Are there *any* groups which aren’t superhetero in both practice and ideology? Argh??


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  1. owanderer said,

    April 8, 2015 at 11:37 pm

    I bought a book on inclusive Wicca two months ago when I briefly though I’d join a local coven. They never replied to my email so it didn’t happen. However the book was fucking awesome. All Acts of Love and Pleasure: Inclusive Wicca by Yvonne Arburrow. Maybe it could provide useful inspiration? But I know its also super irksome to educate cishetero folk because they’ve never considered inclusivity before. Ugh. I hope venturing out into witchy communities proves more fun than painful.

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